1. When should I make my booking?

Answer: You are advised to make your reservation as soon as you are sure of the date you wish to use our service.

2. I am ready to book, what do I do?

Answer: You can TEXT or call +1551-221-0341 or e-mail at tourgordon212@gmail.com with your name and contact number. Also, you can send us a message via Facebook page.

3. How can I pay?

Answer: You can pay by Pay-Pal, Master card, Visa Card, or Venmo.

4. How many pieces of luggages I am allowed?

Answer: Our SUV cars can hold many luggages. As long as there is space, you will be allowed to take as many as you want.

5. Do you pick up at the hotel?

Answer: We provide hotel pick-up at any time, provided its location is not too far away from New York City.

6. Can I take my ticket online?

Answer: We are unable to provide online ticket sales yet. However, we are able to accept Paypal accounts and venmo transactions if you have one.

7. What is the price for package tours?

Answer: Our package tours vary from places to places. So, as soon as we receive your list, we will give you a great deal.

8. What is the meaning of "all included! no hidden fees"?

Answer: The phrase means that we do not add extra fee on any given deal. For example, if airport service costs $20, you will be charged $20 at the end of ride. If the ride takes 6 hours, it will be 6 hours, not more not less!

9. Is smoking or drinking allowed aboard your vehicles?
Answer: For the health and safety of our passengers and drivers, smoking is not allowed.

10. When do I get my confirmation e-mail?
Answer: A confirmation message will be e-mailed to you within two hours after we receive your information.

11. What kind of vehicles is available for services?
Answer: We operate a modern, clean, and meticulously maintained state-of-the-art SUV for sightseeing tours. As for airport transfers, we work with reliable UBER and LYFT driver friends. We help each other for the best service. 

12. What is the cancellation policy?
Answer: 2 weeks before the tour starts, in case any cancellation happens, guests will be refunded 100%. Also, within 24 hours of the reservation - no matter when you book it -  if you change your mind, that is not a problem, you will be refunded 100%.